The Author

Bob Chaundy

Bob Chaundy is a journalist and writer, originally from Oxford. He was head of obituaries at BBC News for 18 years. In this capacity he produced hundreds of obituaries for television and the BBC website. His subjects encompassed everyone from Princess Diana to Brian Clough, George Harrison to Margaret Thatcher. He even convinced editors to broadcast an obituary of Red Rum despite suggestions that he was flogging a dead horse. His work took him around the world. He has interviewed Presidents, Prime Ministers, celebrities, common people and very common people.

In 2012, Bob and three others drove two 4x4 vehicles from Southampton to Ghana where they were converted to much-needed ambulances. The trip involved travelling through Mali at a time of political unrest.

Bob commuted to work each day by train. As of writing, he has never murdered anyone. Little Black Trains is his debut novel and by far and away his best.   

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